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Our Mulberry Silk Comforters make The ideal gift especially for a wedding!

Or spoil your loved one on the appropriate occasion.
Whether you are Bride or Groom looking for new linen for your new beginning or a friend looking for the ideal gift.
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…there is a more comfortable comforter

Is there anything more comfortable to sleep under than baby goose down? Silk comforters are significantly more healthy and eco-friendly alternative to any other comforter, they are surprizingly more comfortable. Can any comforter be more comfortable than yours? If there is a possibility we suggest that you try silk and since you spend more than 20% of your life under one, its an important investment. Silk comforters are lighter, warmer in Winter (most sales comes from the northern parts of Canada and Alaska) and cooler in Summer.

…other reasons to choose silk

  • hypo-allergenic and hygroscopic qualities relieve allergy and rheumatism sufferers
  • naturally draws moisture away from the body at night, and releases it into the air
  • dust mites die as they are deprived of the moist environment they require for their survival
  • naturally occurring compounds (more than a dozen) are believed to promote positive health such as soothing the nerves, nourishing and rejuvenating the skin and assist you to get the best sleep possible
  • svelte, supple and the best sleeping partner you’’ll ever hope to find (and hold onto)
  • lightweight, supple and compact, easy to store, move or take out for a spring airing (the only maintenance ever needed)
  • if messed upon, dry cleaning will restore it to pristine condition

    …what to choose

    Our research shows that outdoor temperatures vary considerably across North America, yet more than 99% of the population have bedroom temperatures from 40°F thru 60°F. In order to save you from a decision on the weight of the comforter (i.e. the number of layers of silk folded inside the comforter, before being stiched together) we have one weight that suits everyone. It feels a little lighter than you may expect at first although after a few nights you’ll wonder how you slept with the heavy old comforter you have now. We’re still waiting for any requests for a different weight (and we’ve delivered thousands of these in the USA). Since we are an online service only, and since we control quality and manufacturing ourselves we can guarantee the best prices which makes the decision simple: to buy or not to buy.

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Did you know?

The silk fibres inside your Mulberry silk duvet or comforter act as a repellent to dust mites and bugs since they are deprived of the moist environment they require for their survival. Our Mulberry Silk products are made from 100% natural fibres.

Safe and Natural

Our silk comforter / duvet / doona keeps you dry because the hygroscopic silk fibre absorbs one third its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. The absorbed moisture is evaporated into the environment or absorbed by outer clothing layers. Winter and Summer, Silk provides thermal balance, for luxurious warmth in winter or super-lightweight and breathable in summer and will keep you dry and cool. Its versatility makes it perfect for all year round.

No More Allergies

Hypo-allergenic and does not trigger feather-related allergic reactions, your silk duvet or comforter is a great source of relief for allergy and rheumatism sufferers across the globe.

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