Sleeping Cool When It Is Hot Outside

In this day and age, most people who live where there are a lot of hot summer days have air conditioning. However, those who live in cooler climates that typically cool down at night, even in the summer, may not have it. Even those who have air conditioning may have to do without it temporarily due to power outages or broken equipment. When the house does not cool off at night people can be hot and miserable and not sleep well. While no one can do anything about the weather, there are some tricks to help you cool down yourself or your house so you can sleep better in the heat.


While those who generally live without air conditioning know this trick, those who are used to having it may have forgotten what their ancestors knew—to draw in the cooler outside air, you need two open windows and /or doors. Open windows on at least two sides of the house and open interior doors so air can circulate.

Take a Lukewarm Shower or Bath

When you are hot and miserable, your first inclination may be to turn the water on cold; however, lukewarm water will do a better job of cooling you. The cold water makes your body try to conserve heat; the last thing you want. The lukewarm water isn’t warm enough to heat your body or cold enough to throw it into a heat-preserving mode. Don’t dry off completely; allow the water to evaporate from your skin, further cooling you.

Take a Gel Icepack to Bed

Wrap a gel ice pack in an old towel and take it to bed with you. While you don’t want your skin exposed to the freezing temperatures for too long, it is safe to put the towel wrapped ice pack next to you, or even rest your wrist on it.

Have the Right Covers on Your Bed

It is a toss-up whether it is worse to be kept up because it is too hot or to wake up cold in the early morning. A Mulberry Silk Comforter is breathable and allows sweat to evaporate so it doesn’t overheat you; yet is is warm enough to keep you from waking up shivering when temperatures drop just before dawn. Make sure your sheets are silk or cotton; polyester doesn’t breath and traps your body heat.

Skip the PJs

While those who have children in and out of their rooms may not be able to follow this advice, sleeping sans pajamas means one less layer on you. Many of the more skimpy forms of night wear are made of synthetic fabric that, despite the small size of the garment, hold in heat.

Use a fan

Moving air just feels cooler. If hurricanes or other summer storms make it likely you will be doing without electricity at some point during the summer, look into a battery-operated fan. Even if it doesn’t run all night, if it cools you off enough to get to sleep, it has done its job.

Save Romance for Another Time or Place

While cuddling helps keep you warm when it is cold outside, it has the same effect when it is hot. This is the perfect time to try romance in the shower, and sleeping on your own side of the bed.

If it seems too hot to sleep, just remember that like previous summers, this one too will pass.

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