Sex Uses for a Sleep Mask

Adult Sex Games

While sex can involve all five senses, taking away one on which we depend can add extra zip to an encounter. Imagining donning a mask, reclining and trusting your partner to titillate you and please you. You don’t know exactly what is coming, or where, but…hmm…and after you have been pleasured, don’t forget to return the favor.

Blocking out Bedroom Light

Many people fall asleep more easily in what they perceive to be total darkness. Our homes and habits mean that even in the “dark” our rooms are filled with light–light from the street, light from the alarm clock, light from your partner’s tablet, or light from a nightlight in the bedroom or bathroom. If your partner cannot fall asleep without watching TV and the light from the TV is keeping you awake, a simple comfortable natural silk sleep mask can block all this stray light without overheating your face.

Turning Day Into Night

One of the toughest things about working the night shift is having to sleep during the day. When the sun is signaling your body that it is time to wake up. A good sleep mask lets you sleep in total darkness without ugly blackout drapes. A good day’s sleep makes the next night shift so much easier.

Migraine Relief

Laying in a darkened room can help alleviate migraine pain, but what if you cannot get your room dark in the middle of the day? A sleep mask can block light and give your body a chance to recover from the migraine. Some people find adding a little essential oil to the mask gives them even more relief, or they put a hot or cold pack on top of it.

A Meditation and/or Prayer Aid

Various types of mediation are practiced both as types of prayer and as ways to quiet the mind and de-stress the body. Of course one of the hardest part of meditation is clearing your mind of distractions. One thing that can help is eliminating visual distractions and sleep masks do a great job of that. Yes, you could just close your eyes but it is so easy to open them at the least little sound; with a mask you have to at least make the conscious decision to remove it.

Kids’ Games

Don’t laugh. How often have you had to referee a children’s game like hide and seek because “he opened his eyes!” A sleep mask is far easier to put on than a blindfold, and if it is in place, you and the other kids know that the one wearing it cannot see. When the time comes to remove it, that is easy too. No more hair caught in the knot of the blindfold or worrying about someone cheating by not quite closing his eyes.


Do you have any creative uses for your sleep mask?

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