The silk nightdress
The silk nightdressThe silk nightdress

The silk nightdress

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Our Mulberry Silk Nightdress is a new addition to the Mulberry Silk family. Sourcing our silk from the same fields as our Mulberry Silk Comforters, our Silk Nightdress is made with the utmost care, keeping you in mind the customer. But also we are into ‘green’ and have the environment top of mind too.

We will ship to you directly either from our factory in China or our warehouse in Ohio. Rather than you having to go out and shop we bring sleep comfort direct to your door!

Our mulberry silk nightdress is made for your comfort, easy fitting with the luxurious feeling of having silk on your body.

These are in a variety of colors allowing you to feel like the Princess you ought to be.


100% SILK
Crepe satin plain
Length: 88cm
Bust: 90cm – 108cm
Sweep: 130cm


We are always looking to improve your sleep comfort and believe we have the winning combination! By choosing to sleep under our Mulberry Silk Comforter we have no doubt your sleep will improve. In case you did now know our Mulberry Silk Comforters are lightweight and hypo-allergenic, like sleeping under an allergy free cloud. WOW. No more night sweats, no more allergies. Furthermore we have added to our range our beautiful Mulberry Silk Eye Masks, in cool and funky designs. But mostly helping you keep out any unwanted light disturbance, day or night. And now all you need for the ultimate sleep experience is our Mulberry Silk Nightdress.

If you would like to purchase all three of these items together, you are welcome to talk to me anytime. And I am sure we can arrange an appropriate discount for you. Easiest would be to drop me an email. :

Thank you for choosing to shop with us!


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