Silk Eye Mask

Our Luxury Pure Silk Eye mask helps prevent light disturbing your sleep / nap.

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Product Description

Our Luxury Pure Silk Eye Mask helps prevent light disturbing your sleep or nap. And will help prevent unwanted wrinkles around the eyes.

About our silk eye mask:

This is what our Silk Eye Mask is made from:
The fabric is 100% Silk Charmeuse Exterior (Reversible) with a 16mm – 19mm 100% crepe satin plain Silk and the filling is 100% Silk.
The elastic band is silk covered and these are Lightweight and Hypoallergenic, just like our Comforters.
Check out all our different funky new colors.


Our Silk Eye Mask can also be used to spice up your sex life. Your partner places the Eye Mask over his or her eyes while excite him or her using your imagination.
If you looking for inspiration you can read our Mulberry Silk blog where we cover the subject in more detail.
Ideally you are using your Silk Eye Mask while sleeping under your Mulberry Silk Comforter.
Our Mulberry Silk Comforters are lightweight and hypo-allergenic. They prevent you from sweating at night. This could be handy when using your Silk Eye Mask if your imagination runs that far.


Whether you are offering massage in the comfort of your own home to your partner or possibly you offer massage as your line of work, then offering your clients the option of covering there eyes while you do your thing would add great value to your service.

We feel that we have a first grade product in quality, look and feel.

At 15USD how wrong can you go.

Improve your quality of life, by improving your sleep and trying our Mulberry Silk Eye Mask.

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