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California King Mulberry Silk Comforter 104 x 100″

Our Allergy Free California King Comforter is lightweight and hypo-allergenic.

Price: $285.00

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Product Description

King Mulberry Silk Comforter:

Try our Allergy Free California King Mulberry Silk Comforter and never look back! Let your allergy problems be a thing of the past. Our Mulberry Silk Comforter is inhospitable to dust mites and dust mites seem to be one of the major triggers to the cause of allergies.

Buy now!

Our California King Mulberry Silk Comforter offers great value for money. And FREE delivery within the USA.

Night Sweats:

How do I stop sweating at night while I sleep?

Our Mulberry Silk California King Silk comforters are lightweight and hypo-allergenic. Silk also regulates your body temperature, helping to keep you cool in Summer and warm enough in Winter.

Therefor they are the polar opposite to your thick, heavy down Comforters.

Our Mulberry Silk filled Allergy free California King silk Comforter is in a 300 Thread Count cotton outer. They also offer a beautiful look and feel. The cotton is also a breathable material. All moisture that is wicked away from your body is allowed to evaporate into the atmosphere.

Wash Care:
We recommend that you dry clean your comforter. in our experience any other kind of washing can result in your comforter being ruined.

We also recommend that you place your own Duvet or Comforter cover over for extra protection.

Please see in our Mulberry SHOP about our magnificent silk linen.

Bed Size: California
Size in Inches: 104 x 100
Weight: 1500g

Pricing: Priceless!

Experience great comfort whilst you are sound asleep.

Are you not convinced yet?

The silk fibres inside your Mulberry silk duvet or comforter act as a repellent to dust mites and bugs. Since the bugs are deprived of the moist environment they require for their survival they do not survive.
Being Hygroscopic, means the silk naturally draws moisture away from the body at night whilst you are asleep releases it into the air.

Consequently as our Comforters are Hypo-allergenic they do not trigger feather-related allergic reactions. Your silk duvet or comforter is therefor a great source of relief for allergy and rheumatism sufferers across the globe.
Silk is known to possess 18 types of naturally occurring compounds. This is believed to promote positive health care functions from your Silk Duvet / Comforter helping to:
– soothe the nerves
– nourish the skin
– rejuvenates the skin

Most noteworthy is that your Mulberry Silk Duvet / Comforter is lightweight, supple and compact.

A sleep revelation
Unless you’ve spent a night in a royal Japanese palace, you’ve probably never experienced the decadent luxury of pure silk bedding. this means that you’ve probably never felt for yourself how incredibly efficient silk is as a temperature regulator – perfectly warm ‘n snug in winter, and light ‘n airy in summer.

finally, The Mulberry Silk Company of Zhenze, Lake Taihu, still source their succulent mulberry leaves from the very same fields. as a result of these great efforts to uphold the same exacting standards and ancient traditions established by the royal courts in days of old we are able to offer the same old tried and tested quality.

Price: Can you put a price to your sleep comfort?

We believe not! For only 285USD, we believe we have a great solution to improve your sleep.


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