Best Deal on Comforters – any 2 for 475 USD

The Best Deal on Comforters allows you to buy two Mulberry Silk Comforters of any size for the Best Deal price of 490USD.

Price: $475.00


The BEst deal

The Best Deal on Comforters just got better allowing you to buy any 2 Comforters for $425.00. Making this THE Best deal!

Choose any two Mulberry Silk Comforters from our best deal on comforters for 445USD. You choose the sizes, we deliver. Sizes can be stated just prior to checking out from our shop.

A sleep revelation
Unless you’ve spent a night in a royal Japanese palace, you’ve probably never experienced the decadent luxury of pure silk bedding. This means that you’ve probably never felt for yourself how incredibly efficient silk is as a temperature regulator. Perfectly warm ‘n snug in winter, and light ‘n airy in summer.
When the ancient Orientals struck on this secret thousands of years ago, special mulberry fields were planted along the banks of Lake Taihu to feed the silkworms that spin the choicest silk of all.

Because silk bedding is lightweight, supple and compact, it is easy to store, move or take out for a spring airing (the only maintenance it’ll ever require). If you do happen to topple your breakfast tray onto it, however, a quick dry clean will restore it to mint condition.

The Perfect Weight
While outdoor temperatures may vary considerably across the globe, 99% of our clientele have assured us that their bedroom temperatures are similar. These range between 5 & 14 °C. That’s why we believe that only one weight of silk bedding is required.

The real deal
Today we at The Mulberry Silk Company chicago / cape town / beijing, still source our succulent mulberry leaves from the very same fields as way beack when. and we go to great efforts to uphold the same exacting standards and ancient traditions established by the royal courts in days of old.

Experience great comfort whilst you are sound asleep
The silk fibres inside your Mulberry silk duvet or comforter act as a repellent to dust mites and bugs. These bugs are deprived of the moist environment they require for their survival.

Hygroscopic, meaning silk naturally draws moisture away from the body at night whilst you are asleep with your luxurious Mulberry silk Duvet and releases it into the air.

Hypo-allergenic and therefore does not trigger feather-related allergic reactions. In addition to this our silk duvet or comforter is a great source of relief for allergy and rheumatism sufferers across the globe.
Silk has been shown to possess 18 types of naturally occurring compounds that are believed to promote positive health care functions from your Silk Duvet / Comforter.


Over the last 10 years we can proudly count our returns on one hand (maybe two). This was as a result of people not knowing exactly what they were purchasing.

So if what you have purchased is not to your liking we will gladly refund you. You would need to pay the bank charges and the delivery costs back to our warehouse. We would need the order sent back within 48 hours of you receiving it, and all would need to as new and in its original packaging with tags and labels attached.


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