New Year Resolutions

Time for Some New Year Resolutions

The beginning of the year is a time when many people take a look at their lives and make New Year resolutions to improve them. The second week of the year is a time when most people decide they didn’t want to keep those resolutions after all. Maybe one problem is that we reach too high, or have goals that are too vague.

“I want to lose weight” is a common New Year’s resolution, but it is too vague–it doesn’t define how you will change your behavior in order to reach that goal, and when the second week of the year comes, that resolution is easily forgotten. “I’m going to eat nothing but cabbage soup for three months” is reaching too high–by the second week of January you’ll never want to see another bowl of cabbage soup, much less eat it..

Good resolutions should move you toward perfection but should take into account where you are on the path now. If you are exercising three days a week, adding a fourth day is a reasonable resolution; if you don’t exercise at all, resolving to exercise four days a week practically guarantees that by the second week of January, your resolution will be forgotten.

Let’s take a few minutes to look at some reasonable goals and resolutions:

Improving Your Mind 

All of us have things we don’t know. Resolve to seek information on one area in which you are less than an expert. Some suggestions:

  • Subscribe to a blog. You can find blogs about personal finance, cooking, physical fitness, travel, home maintenance and even blogging. Find one and subscribe to it, having it or its associated newsletter sent to your email box whenever a new post is published. .
  • Read a book. Pick one book on your topic of the year and then read it. You can borrow it from the library or buy it; just read it.
  • Watch a video, whether from a major studio or YouTube. If reading isn’t the way you learn best, find a video on your topic of interest.

Improving Your Body

Ah, yes, the old eat less and exercise more routine. However, improving your body can also mean things like making sure you get enough sleep or visiting the doctor regularly. Some possible resolutions in this area:

  • Visit one new and enjoyable place to walk each month. What is enjoyable to you may not be enjoyable to me, so think about you. Find a new shopping center, a new park, a new hiking trail or even a new health club.
  • Try one new vegetable every month–and prepare it without all sorts of sauces, cheese or bread.
  • Keep track of how much sleep you are getting for a week. If it isn’t at least seven hours a night, go to bed fifteen minutes earlier than you normally do. If you are lying in bed tossing and turning rather than sleeping, consider making the room cooler or the bedding warmer. Mulberry Silk comforters are both warm and light.
  • If you haven’t seen your doctor in the last year, go get a check-up.

Improving Your Spirit

Some people are religious; others aren’t, but all of us have a spiritual side, even if we call it “mindfulness”. It is the side of us that knows right from wrong, the side of us that is connected to the world around us, the side that realizes that each of us has inherent worth. When that side is neglected, we lose sight of the joy in life and we become self-centered and yet doubt our own self-worth. Resolve, within your own beliefs, to be more spiritual.

  • At a set time each day, think of one good thing about yourself, and, if so inclined, thank God for it.
  • Read something inspiring daily, or listen to an inspiring podcast. This can be a religious book or even the biography of someone you want to emulate.
  • Resolve to notice one beautiful thing daily. Maybe keeping a list will remind you how much is right with the world.

Helping Others 

Humans are social creatures and most of us know that in the long run, helping others helps build a better world for all of us. Resolve to do one new thing this year to help others, whether you define “others” as those across the world, or as those across the dinner table. Here at The Mulberry Silk Co we donate to a variety of causes including Sweet Dreamzzz, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to improving children’s health, well-being, and academic performance by providing sleep education and bedtime essentials to economically disadvantaged students and their families.

Look for a cause in your community or related to your personal or business interest and resolve to donate to it at least once, giving it your time or your treasure.

Pamper Yourself 

Yes, you are important and worth being nice to! Some suggestions:

  • Work with your spouse, partner or significant other to make sure each of you gets a couple of hours a month to do what you want, whether it is poker night with the girls, `basketball with the guys or a trip to the library without the kids.
  • Set a monthly date night for just the two of you; no kids. Even if you just go for a walk together, couple time is important.
  • Buy something you love, even if you can get something similar for less. Yes, you can sleep in an old t-shirt, but do you feel beautiful in one? A silk nightdress may seem like a bit of a splurge, but if you wear it several times a week the cost per wear turns out to be very reasonable, and there is nothing quite like the feeling of silk against your skin. A mulberry silk comforter costs more than a cheap polyester one, but the advantage of silk are many. If you are going to splurge, splurge on something you are going to use every day.

Happy New Year. Here is to keeping New Year’s resolutions long term!

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