Hey Chicago, What Do You Say?

Go Cubs Go! The headquarters of The Mulberry Silk Co. Is in Chicago and like all other respectable members of the community, we have been basking in the glow of our beloved Cubbies. It is amazing to see how a sports championship can pull a community together and give us a chance to celebrate not only the Cubs but ourselves as well. The press is saying that the crowds for the celebration were the largest in Chicago history and the reports were of people having a good time, not of people rioting and hurting others. Much of the country was rooting for the Cubs and now Chicago has made them proud by the way we’ve celebrated.

At a time like this it is natural to want to say “I’m just like them”, so let’s take a look at how Mulberry Silk Comforters are just like the Cubs.

Both are Classics

The Cubs began playing baseball in 1876 and today, rather than playing in a shiny new and soul-less stadium, play their home games at another classic, Wrigley Field, which was built in 1914.

Next to Mulberry Silk, the Cubs are mere babes–Mulberry Silk has been made for over 2000 years.

Both are Natural

The Cubs play baseball like it was designed to be played–outdoors on natural green grass. While it may seem that air conditioning makes it easier to play–no worries about a gust of wind carrying the ball, and no rain delays–but those indoor stadium fans lose the joy of seeing the sun set or feeling a cool shower on a hot afternoon. Synthetic comforters may initially catch your eye because of their bright colors or low price, but many owners of Mulberry Silk comforters will never go back. They love the fact that silk is hypoallergenic and lightweight. After being under a silk comforter that breathes, they have no desire to be wrapped in polyester that doesn’t.

Both Give to Those in Need

Members of the Cub family are familiar faces throughout the Chicago area. Whether they are promoting youth fitness, supporting scholarships for underprivileged youth or attending galas and balls, the owners, staff and players support a variety of charitable organizations in the Chicago area. The charitable arm of the Cubs supports youth baseball not only through grants to provide funds to run programs, it also provides capital improvements for a number of youth fields every year.

For every blanket they sell, the Mulberry Silk Company donates a blanket to Starfish Greathearts Foundation, Afrika Tikkun or The Smile Foundation. The Starfish Greathearts Foundation cares for vulnerable and orphaned children affected by HIV and poverty in South Africa. They invest in the future of over 12,000 children a year so those children can grow into happy and independent young adults. Afrika Tikkun is a community development organization in South Africa which promotes holistic development through education, health and social services, for children, their families and their communities. The Smile Foundation is a South African NGO that assists children with any type of facial abnormality, to receive free corrective Plastic and Reconstructive surgery within South Africa.

And last year we were proud to donate 10 pillows to Sweet Dreamzzz, Inc. in Farmington Hills (www.SweetDreamzzz.org).

We Are Very Proud of the Team and the City of Chicago

So it’s root, root root for Cubbies…and Go Cubs Go!

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Did you know?

The silk fibres inside your Mulberry silk duvet or comforter act as a repellent to dust mites and bugs since they are deprived of the moist environment they require for their survival. Our Mulberry Silk products are made from 100% natural fibres.

Safe and Natural

Our silk comforter / duvet / doona keeps you dry because the hygroscopic silk fibre absorbs one third its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. The absorbed moisture is evaporated into the environment or absorbed by outer clothing layers. Winter and Summer, Silk provides thermal balance, for luxurious warmth in winter or super-lightweight and breathable in summer and will keep you dry and cool. Its versatility makes it perfect for all year round.

No More Allergies

Hypo-allergenic and does not trigger feather-related allergic reactions, your silk duvet or comforter is a great source of relief for allergy and rheumatism sufferers across the globe.

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