7 Things for Which We Give Thanks – Thanksgiving

As Americans celebrate Thanksgiving this week, those of us at The Mulberry Silk Co are taking a few minutes to recall the rich blessings in our lives and to give thanks. Thanksgiving!

We Are Thankful for Our Families 

Whether our families are families by blood, by marriage or by choice, they are the people closest to us–those who live with us with all our foibles, those who have been there for us year in and year out–and we give thanks for them.

We Give Thanks for Our Friends

Many people move in and our of our lives. Some manage to move from acquaintances to friends. They are the people you can depend on when the chips are down; the people you laugh with, play with, drink with, and even cry with.

We Give Thanks for Our Freedom 

This year we have had some of the worst post-election dissension in recent memory. Nevertheless, our televisions were not filled with images of demonstrations being dispersed via tear gas. The prisons are not full of people on either side. The incoming President and outgoing President are from two different parties and hold very different views of what is good for the country. However, all of us expect Mr. Obama to peacefully and graciously leave the White House in January. We are grateful to live in a country where political change is through the ballot box, not at the end of a rifle.

We Are Thankful for Abundance

Even Americans who live in poverty are rich compared with much of the world. We all have electricity, running water and a phone service. No one is starving. All children have schools available to them. For all the good things we have, we are thankful.

We Are Grateful for the Luxuries in our Lives

The overwhelming majority of Americans have everything we need. We can spend our time and money on the luxuries we choose. We can choose to travel, to buy nice clothing, or to purchase a Mulberry Silk Comforter. We are thankful for the wealth to purchase nice things and for the large number of choices we have.

We Give Thanks for the Wonders of Nature

Our world is filled with beautiful things. We give thanks for the oceans and their vastness, for canyons and prairies, for mountains and forests. We are thankful for animals from the majestic lion to the cuddly kitten to the silkworm and mulberry leaves which combine to produce mulberry silk.

We Give Thanks for Our Customers

Without those who buy our mulberry silk comforters, sleep masks, and bedding, we wouldn’t have a business and a way to support our families. We give thanks that there are people like you who want quality bedding and that you choose to do business with us. All of us at The Mulberry Silk Co wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your friends, enjoy your family, and don’t forget that you spend a third of your life in bed, so quality bedding like ours, makes a great Christmas gift.


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Did you know?

The silk fibres inside your Mulberry silk duvet or comforter act as a repellent to dust mites and bugs since they are deprived of the moist environment they require for their survival. Our Mulberry Silk products are made from 100% natural fibres.

Safe and Natural

Our silk comforter / duvet / doona keeps you dry because the hygroscopic silk fibre absorbs one third its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. The absorbed moisture is evaporated into the environment or absorbed by outer clothing layers. Winter and Summer, Silk provides thermal balance, for luxurious warmth in winter or super-lightweight and breathable in summer and will keep you dry and cool. Its versatility makes it perfect for all year round.

No More Allergies

Hypo-allergenic and does not trigger feather-related allergic reactions, your silk duvet or comforter is a great source of relief for allergy and rheumatism sufferers across the globe.

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